Adding Milestone to the Project

It is really quick to add a project milestone where the user needs to click on the “Add Milestone” button at the top right of the page.

A pop-up box will appear on the screen after clicking on the “Add Milestone” where the user needs to fill up important information such as start and end date, assigning implementation partner, Escalation flow.

“As we press the “add button, it displays a pop informing the successful creation of the milestone and asks for a new task to be created as shown below.

  • If we just click on “Yes, create a task!” “The form for developing tasks is shown.
  • In the task development form, we select the task type, task parameter, task-related text, description, and it is associated with an Escalation Flow.
  • We provide the name and frequency of the person in the escalation flow. The person will thus receive alerts relevant to the task.
  • When we click on “Go to list”.

As shown below, we get a list of generated tasks: – As below the Task Type should be

  • Team Task
  • Asset Task
  • Daily task

We have different choices in the task list to see tasks according to task status.

  • Open
  • Progress
  • InProgress
  • Completed
  • Approved
  • Reopen
  • Locked

Using Actions, a user can edit and view activities.

  • User add comments and “Mark in Progress” when setting the status to “InProgress”
  • User can provide documentation in support of the completed task.
  • After setting the completion status, User can set the reopen/close task status.

Once the task has been closed it cannot be reopened again.