An additional way to add a task to the Implementation Partner

  • By clicking on the milestone name, the user may also add a task to the IP.
  • Users can get the same form that we get earlier, from which tasks can be assigned.
  • User can audit the created milestone in the milestone list and can download the CSV file.
  • We have an option to edit the information under Actions.
  • The user can check the details of the milestone under the action, as shown below.
  • We can mark the status of the milestone in the following steps: Start —> In Progress —> Completed
  • When the user wants to mark the completion status, we need to apply the documentation in support of the completed milestone.
  • In Activity, we can see that the milestone is created, updated and set to progress on which date
  • The user can see the list of projects and the total number of donors associated with the project in the Program Management Tool.